Welcome to Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack, a place for pets filled with wet noses and warm hearts.  We know you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your dog or cat, which is why we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.  We’re dedicated to providing nothing short of first-rate care for your furry family members.

Our team of animal lovers brings many years of pet care experience and know-how to each specially-created service we offer, from the design of our facilities to the training of our staff.  We set out to make Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack a special place for New York’s dogs and cats to play and stay.  The Ruby & Jack’s team works hard to ensure that the Doggy Shack is a fun, safe and welcoming environment, giving your pets the love and attention they need when you can’t be there.

At Ruby & Jack’s, we’re not only pet caregivers, but we’re also pet parents.  We understand that being a pet parent in New York can be stressful.  That’s why we believe in maintaining open communication with you.  We’re here to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions and above all – offer you peace of mind, knowing that your dogs and cats are in good hands.  With our help, you and your pets can truly have it all!

Please take a look around our website or stop by our Shack to familiarize yourself with our wide array of services.  Once you do, you’re sure to get an extra thank you lick or purr from your pet.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to the Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack family!


With wet noses  paw  warm hearts,

All of us at Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack