Lego’s Dad

September 12, 2013

Ruby and Jack’s is what dog daycare should be. The facilities are new, clean, and well-maintained, and most importantly they always have a warm, friendly staff keeping a close eye on the dogs, making sure they are safe and having fun. Both owners are there nearly every day making sure that everything is running smoothly and doing everything they can to answer any questions we have. You can tell that they genuinely care about running a great operation and they are flexible with requests.
There is no comparison to the competitors nearby. Specifically, they always have at least 3 people on duty (one in each dog run, and one in front), they have a separate outdoor area so that the dogs can do their business outside (and keep the run cleaner), they have webcams so you can see your dog during the day, and the hours are very accommodating. Our dog loves the staff, and is happy to spend the day there – and we feel confident that he is well taken care of. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ruby and Jack’s to anybody considering sending their dog to daycare or switching over from a competitor.

Gabby’s Mom

September 12, 2013

“This place opened a couple of weeks before we adopted our rescue dog and I have to say Michael and Aaron the owners have been wonderful. Michael offered his services as a reference, helped us decide what would be best for our Gabby and us for the first weeks we had her home. We currently can only use the dog sitting service which is fabulous for working on her socializing with people. They offer a number of services though from training, walking, grooming, boarding and playtime for your precious pup. Gabby and I lovesFozzie one of her sitters who has been working with her to get her through her teething stage.
Next week we are off to a trainer session (without Gabby) where we are able to chat about issues and what might help. If you need some care and attention for your dog (or cat) I would definitely go check them out. My husband and I haven’t got enough great things to say about them. They give you all the time and attention you need its as though we are the only customers they have. Thanks guys keep up the good work!!”

Vinny’s Mom

September 12, 2013

“I can’t recommend Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack highly enough! My dachshund Vinny is a new customer and absolutely loves it there. The staff is highly knowledgable and well-trained, and the facility is spotless and well laid out. I was nervous about how Vinny would do the first time I checked him into daycare, as he was bitten by a large dog last year and has been spooked by the big guys since. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to return to a happy, relaxed, tail-wagging, playing Vinny! Testimony in itself to how well he is looked after there, and how much fun he has. During an overnight stay I had the ability to check in on how he was doing via an app on my iphone — fantastic perk, but definitely not necessary — he is in such great hands that I don’t need to worry. For those New Yorkers who like brunch as I do, Ruby & Jack’s even has a brunch check-in for your pooch so he can have some fun with his friends while you brunch with yours! I won’t leave Vinny anywhere else now, and cannot recommend Ruby & Jack’s highly enough!”