Dog Training

What’s your relationship status with your dog?
In Training? Trained? Untrained? It’s Complicated?

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship – especially with your dog!  Ruby & Jack’s offers professional Dog Training services to help develop the communication you’ll need to teach your dog to always be on his or her best behavior.  The healthy and positive connection developed during the training process will establish the foundation for a harmonious future with your
tail-wagging companion.

Our trainers are able to work with pet parents on a wide variety of social, behavioral and other skills, including:

– Puppy socialization
– House training/crate training
– Puppy proofing your home
– Manners training (basic to advanced)
– Behavior modification
– Co-op board preparation
– Preparation for a new baby or pet
– Tricks
– Agility for fun
– Polite leash walking

A variety of group classes are available and tailored to different needs for puppies and adult dogs.  Participating in a group environment gives the dogs exposure to humans and canines alike, which is a great opportunity for them to practice the self-control and polite manners they’re learning.  Classes focus on socialization, response to commands, deepening your bond and having fun!  Our experienced trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques and know how to best work with you to set your dog up for success.  All classes have the same ultimate goal: for you and your dog to understand each other.

If your pup requires more personal attention, our trainers can schedule private training sessions at your home or right here at Ruby & Jack’s.  Private lessons are ideal for the doggy parent with a schedule that doesn’t allow for group classes, or for the dog that needs some one-on-one time.  Your trainer can also develop customized sessions that address specific training or behavior challenges you may have, such as house training or aggression.

The benefits of training are as obvious as the pads on a dog’s paws. Whether it be something as simple as sitting on cue, or more advanced like walking calmly through a crowd, the results of your committed efforts are tangible.  Not only can training put you at ease in social situations, it also provides a degree of safety knowing your dog will drop a dangerous object or immediately come when asked.  And don’t forget the feeling of satisfaction knowing YOU are the one who learned how to speak your dog’s language.  We promise you’ll beam with pride the first time you see your dog leave that chicken bone on the ground and walk on by.

Periodically, our training staff offers special seminars and classes on topics of interest related to training and dog behavior.  Please check our website regularly for details.

Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack can’t promise we’ll teach your dog to make coffee, but maybe we’ll get him to bring you the mug.

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