Community Involvement

“Could I please borrow a cup of kibble?” 

Being a good neighbor means caring for the well-being of those in the community and lending a helping paw to those in need.  At
Ruby & Jack’s, we are committed to extending our support beyond the pets in our care, our pet parents and our team members to include our community at large.  We feel responsible for contributing to the vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods and the spirit of this diverse city.

As a way of showing our support, Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack offers the use of our space free of charge to not-for-profit organizations.  If you are involved with a charitable organization and would like to host an event at our place, give us a call.  While we give preference to animal-related charities, we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Remember: At Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack, we’re here to give right back!